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Telling the story of a landmark partnership

ercol Furniture

ercol have partnered with Grown in Britain (GiB) as part of a long-term vision to strengthen the management of British forests and the supply of British timber. Our film shares this poignant story.

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In the UK, we import £7.8bn of foreign timber each year, whilst neglecting the potential of our own forests and woodlands. Grown in Britain (GiB) works at every stage of the forest product supply chain to support the use of UK timber.

In September 2023 ercol announced a landmark partnership with Grown in Britain and released a small collection of iconic products made from British certified ash. It marked a return to using British timber for the business.


Our storyboard was created to cover three core areas of the narrative: the benefits of our woodlands and forest, the results of when they are properly managed and how through demands the supply chain will, over years, become stronger and place more demand, creating a sustainable future for landowners.

Filmed across four locations we captured interviews, drone footage, stills photography and captured this vital story in the details it deserves.


The three part storyboard allowed us to capture one main film and also work with three shorter edits, providing a good amount of content that will be delivered over a six month period, maximising our time and budget.

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+ Storyboard

+ Art Direction

+ Film (including drone)

Our approach enables 
brands to flourish.

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